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Note that your use of our services is subject to the following policy ("privacy policy"). You are advised to read this privacy policy carefully. Your omission to read this privacy policy shall never waive you of your responsibilities, obligations and liabilities hereunder. Notwithstanding specifically provided herein, the phrases, expressions, acronyms and terms used in the privacy policy gives the same meaning as defined in the terms.


This Privacy Policy describes what kind of information about you is collected, how securely it is maintained, and how it is used.

Collection of Information

We collect and keep the record of the following information including:

i. Name;
ii. Your Facebook
iii. Email ID;
iv. IP address;
v. Technical information of your machine;
vi. Internet browsing history;
vii. Payment details; and
viii. Any data you may provide us during the course of your Social Media Marketing.
(Collectively or individually to be referred as "Information")

Privacy of Children

Our website is not for minors. If you are below the age of sixteen years, you must not use our website unless your parents and legal guardian permitted you doing so. We never collect information about children intentionally. Please make us know if you believe that we have obtained information about children. has no liability in connection with our collection of the information from children unknowingly. We may refuse to provide you Our Services or cancel your subscription to Social Media Marketing if we are of the view that you don't have eligibility under this section.

Use of Cookies employs cookies and similar other programs ("Cookies") to collect information about your preferences or data you enter while using our website so we may customize Our Services as to your choices and preferences. The Cookies collect the data about usage statistics, choices, preferences, trends, and behavior of the user which is essential to the provision of issueless, error-free, stable, smooth, efficient and customized user experience. For further details, visit

Uses, Disclosure, and Purpose of Information

The primary purpose of gathering your Information is to design Our Services in accordance with your preferences and provide you with improved, secure and useful user experience. To this end, we use your Information for the following purposes:

i. Verification of a user;
ii. Analysis of your preferences, current trends, your usage behavior, geo-location and demographical use of and realize the best user experience;
iv. Keeping you updated with reference to our latest offers, features and services; and
v. Enforcement of Terms, any separate agreement, Privacy Policy and any applicable law.

We may disclose your Information to any judicial authority or legal authority in compliance with the applicable laws when required to that effect.

Representation and Warranties

No Information will be leased, sold, disclosed, transferred, or shared to anyone external to unless otherwise provided herein. Your Information shall entirely be used for the purposes of processing, provision and maintaining the record of Our Services. We guarantee that we use reasonable method of industry standards to store Information.

You agree that we can disclose non-personal information to any of our service providers, partners, affiliates, agents or contractors for analyzing the usage trends, statistics, patterns, behavior, preferences and choices relating to Our Services or any part thereof.

Your payment related information is made to travel across a secure network, SSL, so that no part of your sensitive information may be abused in any manner.

Consent and Authorization

You agree that we may collect, handle, store and use your Information in compliance with Privacy Policy.

Security and Protection of Information

Your Information is kept in our facilities and is governed by the applicable laws of the USA. We have modern infrastructure, effective administration and physical measures for the protection of your Information. But we cannot warrant and guarantee the security and integrity of your Information in all circumstances thanks to the vulnerable nature of internet based data. You agree to own the risk exists with reference to your use of Our Services.

You acknowledge that we don't own responsibility for the security breach of your Information due to an event out our reasonable control.


We may amend any part of this Privacy Policy without any notification. The amended Privacy Policy will be effective upon its publication on our website. Your use of Our Services following such amendment shall constitute your acceptance thereto, provided that the amendments do not materially and adversely affect your interests.

Notice, Communication, and Contact

Please contact us in case of any question, service of notice and communication with reference to our Privacy Policy at: Email: [email protected]

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