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Facebook Website Likes: 2,500 $90 (40% discount)

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What are website likes?

Do you have a website that has a Facebook like button widget installed to show you the number of likes your webpage has? We can help you increase those likes on your website.

What are the benefit of buying website likes?

Having a large number of website likes is great for social proof. If your business is widely liked on Facebook and you display that to your visitors, it could increase consumer trust, conversion rates, and drive additional likes to your website. Lastly, search engine optimization studies suggest they could also improve your search engine rankings.

If I have a fan page box installed, can I buy website likes to increase my fans?

No. Website likes are only for a specific website URL. If you want likes on your Facebook fan page box, you'll have to purchase Facebook fans from our Facebook likes section of our website. Facebook fan page likes are different from Facebook website likes.

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